Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)


It is a homogeneous mixture of refined semi-solid hydrocarbons. This product is odorless and tasteless and is produced in a wide range in terms of permeability and color in accordance with the standards of USP and BP pharmacopoeias.



It is used as the main base in the formulation of various creams and medicinal and health ointments.



Ring barrels weighing 55, 170 and 175 kg




Characteristic Color (LOVIBOND) Penetration (0.1 mm)
Grade/Method IP-17 2″Cell ASTM D-937
PJP140 Method A 175-195
PJP150 Max 0.7Y 150-160
PJP160 Max 0.7Y 140-160
PJP170 Max 0.7Y 110-160
PJP180 Max 0.7Y 140-160
PJP200 Max 0.7Y 175-195
PJP210 Max 1.1Y 150-170
PJP220 Max 1.1Y 140-160
PJP230 Max 1.1Y 110-145
PJP240 Max 1.1Y 140-160
PJP400 Max 1.1Y 150-170