Slack Wax


Slack wax, a mixture of oil and wax, is a byproduct of the base oil refinery process, which serves as a feed stock and that is further refined to produce paraffin wax. It is yellow to dark-colored crude paraffin wax that is separated from part of the oil in paraffin distillate by chilling and pressing or by use of a solvent and that contains considerable residual oil.


Slack Wax Can be used as blending components or water proofing agent in the manufacture of various industrial products such as candles, canvass coatings and composite wood panels. These waxes can also be used as controlled release agents for various chemicals and fertilizers.


SLACK WAX GRADE Oil Content %wt max Congealing Point (°c) Viscosity@ 100°c (cst) Color Appearance
ASTM, D-721 ASTM D-938 ASTM, D-445 ASTM, D-1500 Visual
Ultra-light slack wax 23 49-51 3.9 Creamish
Light slack wax 1 31 47-59 3.8-4.4 1 Creamish
Light slack wax 2 31 52-59 4.5-6.5 Yellow
Heavy slack wax 1 33 57-65 6.6-10.5 2.5 max. Light brown
Heavy slack wax 2 33 57-65 6.6-10.5 3-4.5 Dark brown



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208 liter steel drum